Musical workshop with an orchestra for companies


The agreement between an orchestra and a company.


What is sport for the body is music practice for the mind.

Music is an important means that is used to relieve or prevent stress. Various scientific studies have proven to have a very important influence on social skills.

Music as a source of inspiration.

Collaboration (for example, the smooth running of processes) is an important element in the success of business activities in any organization.

Music and team building

Playing together creates the opportunity to discover:

- How a team works; - How a team works;

- How the mutual cooperation works;

- How the collaboration can be optimized;

- How a concrete product can be realized.

Music is non-verbal communication

- Dynamics - How do you listen?

- Rhythm / Melody - How do you tune?

- Harmony - How do you work together?

Group size / workshop length

The training is provided in small groups. This gives the participant a lot of personal attention from the experienced trainers. Minimum group size is 10 people, maximum in consultation. Length depends on your wishes.

Price information and contact.

We offer musical workshops on locations. If you would like more information, we invite you to make an appointment with us for more information.